Adeline reusable luncher

Airbus has been developed a reusable luncher for the spacial application.

After the exploit of SpaceX, airbus present its reusable luncher.

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The idea is simple recover the most expensive part of the luncher, the propeller, the propulsion bay and avionics equipment. these element represent 70 to 80% of the luncher.

Airbus choose a other solution than SpaceX, the luncher take off the ground like a old luncher. When it leave the atmosphere the first stage is release, his containe the reusable luncher.


after the separation the first stage eject the reusable luncher and his come in the atmosphere. it procted by the thermical shield after he is transform in a drone and he land like a plane. he have 2 engine with screw folding for the propulsion.

The advantage are more simple and more safe. The land vertical like a SpaceX is to hazardous and very complicated. transforme the luncher on drone it a new way for the reusable luncher.







a new constelation of satellite

The biggest constelation of satellite never throw. 672 satellite to internet everywhere on this planet. the name of this projet is OneWeb. the americain industrie start this projet with a Greg Wyler corporation, he choose Airbus to devlope and build they satellite, for they launh Arianespace and Virgin galactic have been selected and entrust Arianespace to deployment.

each satelitte weight 150 kg and their orbit is 1200 km. It’s a low orbit so they satelitte new to compense a gravity with a little propeller.

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a lifespan is short beacause they propeller don’t have a lot of fueld, after 5 or 7 years they change by a new satelitte. In prevition of the short lifespan Greg Wyler oder 200 more satelitte.

With this projetthe space industrie come in the industrial word. And they user benefict of internet with a more boardband than fiber optic.

The price is very expensive and they different actor they don’t now if on the long terme if this solution is better than fiber optic.

levitation of object

Some researcher on Bristol university and Sussex university has developed a machine that levitate a object.

He use a ultrasound and a 64 wall in grid. they controle with a lot of precision the intensity of they wall. The object is longer in the acoustic wave and with a simulation it’s possible to create a force field.

This force fiel prompt a acoustic pressure around the object and this pressure maintain the object in levitation.


So with asimulation, they researcher successful to created 3 different form of force field:

  • pliers
  • vortex
  • cage

With a voxtex it’s possible of levitation, the cage block the object on the center of the field and the pliers maintain the object between two force field.

The avantage of ultrasound that traverse the humain cell without damage. This property is very interesting for the medical application. for exemple the pliers could be use to recover an kidney stone.

bioluminescence, light without electricity

one french strat-up has develloped a light with out a electricity. it use a bacterium.

In the bottom a the sea a squid life, on this squid a bacterium life and produt a light. The start-up it had a idea to put this bacterium on the bloc and create a light for him.

But this bacterium life in a special environement. She need a low temperature and a hight pressure. So the start-up choose to search a gene that product the light, and it give this gene on the bacterium that life in our environement.


This bacterium is transparent the day and luminescent the night. the bacterium need a nutriment yo product a light, when thet don’t have a nutriment they pass in hibernation.

For the moment the life of this product it’s just 24 hours but it the first objectif of the start-up. He want sell quickly an product to continus the devellopent and increase the lifespan.


The benefaction of Kiwifruit


You probably know the kiwifruit; it is a little fruit brown and green or yellow inside. It comes from China but the main production is in Italia first then in New-Zeeland. Of course you can find French kiwi from the region of “Bassin de l’Adour”. This fruit is called kiwi because it’s look like the animal which have the same name Kiwi .

Kiwi is composing of vitamin C so it is good for avoiding stress or nervousness and anxiety. Moreover the vitamin C permitted to keep iron in the body and help against anemia.

There is a lot of water inside the kiwi. For people who have cardio-vascular problem the blood will be more fluent. And for people who are on weight it is low calorific.

The structure of this fruit is a flexible fibre which is recommended for constipation.

And finally if you have a white skin the kiwi reacts as a filter for you.


You can cook it but it is better raw. You can put it in your cakes or pie, in salad but I think the best is in smoothie.

One explication for the Bermudes Triangle

Evry body now the mythe of the Bermudes triangle. Lot of ship disappear in this zone and we don’t how it is possible. the different theory are amaginate, alien, pirates, decline of the magnetic field that disrupt the different ship instrument.

A new explication is proposed, in artica the researcher have detected a liberation of gaz in artica. The gaz is a methane and it’s prisonner in the bottom of the sea on the ice. the ice is a methane hydrates, with the global warming the temperature of the sea increase and methane hydrates melt. that free the methane and a lot of bubble is ceated.

They bubble decrease the density of the water, the archideme force change beaucause the density of the water change.So if the boat is her …. it sink.

But this phenomene is mesured juste in antartica for the moment. The same mechanisme work in siberia.


ABX464 a new weapon against the HIV

The HIV is a dangerous virus but an french researcher find a new molecule to block a propagation.

Before I explaine how the HIV multiplies.

The virus come in the cell and the kernel, after it modificate the DNA for produce a copy of himself. But the new virus would go out of kernel then cell. If the new virus stay in a kernel, it will decompose. He need a special proteine REV, to protect him. If it don’t have this proteine it’s impossble for to go out of the kernel.

The principe of ABX 464 is to block the production of REV. The new virus don’t have a proctetion and it’s impossible for him to go out of the kernel.

This new technique treat the HIV with a new vision. the other treatment avoid you keep the HIV. The ABX 464 stop the proliferation of the HIV.

And the last, the researcher sow that before the treatment the HIV doesn’t proliferous. the HIV is in the cell but the treatment stop the mechanis of multiplication but they don’t know how many time.